This its better than paul’s picture on Flickr.This is better than paul’s picture

This its better than paul’s picture on Flickr.

This is better than paul’s picture

Mighty boris on Flickr.Mighty boris

Mighty boris on Flickr.

Mighty boris

Big Lila on Flickr.Big Lila

Big Lila on Flickr.

Big Lila

untitled on Flickr.

untitled on Flickr.

Jake And Caz Kaimal Mark II Lens, Alfred Infrared Film, No Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic

Jake And Caz

Kaimal Mark II Lens, Alfred Infrared Film, No Flash, Taken with Hipstamatic

How mobile platforms can vary by country….

I’ve just discovered this rather excellent post by Jason Grigsby at Cloud Four with a guide pretty much every mobile statistic out there, and even more usefully how to read them.

As a result I’ve found some excellent figures on mobile internet access courtesy of Statcounter - you can dig down in all kinds of ways - by OS, by browser, by country, etc… All kinds of interesting things can be found here, for example - look at how Blackberry gained share in 2011 and despite selling huge quantities of handsets, Android remains far below, but is rising quickly…

and also - what happened to Blackberry in Germany? - they barely register in the top 9. 

The interesting thing about this is that it shows how mobile platform usage can vary hugely by territory. From this it’s fairly clear that if you’re a publisher in both countries you need to be on IOS (duh) but also in the UK perhaps you should be thinking about Blackberry as well as android. whereas Germany there are really only two platforms to be on. Poor old Symbian is quietly wasting away in each country…

There’s a lot more analysis that can  to be done here if you’re interested

Bear in mind these figures aren’t representative of the actual volume of devices in the market - just internet usage by device - iOS has always done very well in this area, but is clearly being challenged. In light of Apple’s recent app store changes, this can only be good news for publishers.

source: Statcounter

First Post…

I’ve been meaning to write a blog for a while now, but work / laziness / two kids have prevented me from getting it done. However now is the time. 

Over the next few months, if I’m reasonably disciplined, this will become a place for my thoughts on all kinds of things - but mainly around my job - launching a rather excellent mobile application advertising business in the UK. If you’re interested, please follow, comment, ask questions, pour scorn, whatever you like.